Allow me to share my presence, essence and experience with you

My journey has been guided by the light and for me that was more powerful, soulful and magnificent than sitting in any classroom.
It was in 1991 that I began my spiritual crystalline path fully, leaving my home country of Switzerland to come to Australia as a backpacker, travelling up the east coast from Melbourne to Cape Tribulation, with a couple of important crystals in my pockets, I had no Idea who I really was until then.
It was at this time after starting to work with crystals did I discover what my soul purpose was. 
I began working with crystals day and night over 10 years with the guidance of Katrina Raphaells crystal book trilogy.

My dream in 1991 to meet the woman who had written these books led me to Kawaii and in 2000 I studied Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Teaching Crystal Healing with Katrina Raphaell at the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts.

After this period of training I then immigrated to Australia in 2001 and lived in Byron Bay for four years, before moving to the Daintree to reside in Cape Tribulation and Cape Kimberley.
From 2005 until 2007 I had a studio in the Dragonfly in Cape Tribulation and in 2008 I opened "Delphina's Healing Arts" in Mossman.
Since 2012 I moved between Silky Oaks Lodge in Mossman and the Daintree ECO Lodge.
Since 2015 my new Healing Sanctuary is located in the Daintree Rainforest on Alexandra Range, just a few minutes north of the Daintree river.

After living in the Daintree for 13 years I relocated once more to share my HealingArts with the world. My new location is the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Maleny.

After 3 years in Maleny I finally moved back home to the DAINTREE. 



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