As an Acupuncturist and Chinese Medizine Practitioner I am very particular about who I see for healing work. I met Delphina on my first day in the Daintree and it was my good fortune to have a healing session with her . I can confidently say that Delphina is a very gifted practitioner and if I lived there I would be a regular client. Her years of experience show in the confident of her touch, her intuition is spot on and her deep knowledge and passion for gem stones is mind-blowing as she conducts a profound symphony for the body/mind/spirit to slowly unravel what needs to be released and healed. I've nicknamed her   " The Gatekeeper of the Rainforest " since she has the gift of knowing how to unlock the hidden mysteries  of the psyche.

Paige Olsen, Adelaide, SA

I have been seeing  Delphina for treatments for the last 8 years, since our first magical meeting in Cape Tribulation. No two treatments are ever the same, yet all bring me closer to my true being, where I feel uplifted, connected and in tune with myself.

Delphina knows my body and soul's needs...Whether is it a deep, releasing Massage in my muscles, a gentle stroke to soothe a pain, laying on her carefully selected precious gemstones or taking her sword of light to remove unwanted energy from my aura and heal the wounds with her loving hands. If my mind gets in the way of the healing , her voice takes me back to that space of love and light where  I can heal and be thoroughly nourished.

She is the conductor and creator of the most amazing healing space I have ever experienced.

Claire Rees, Accupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner - Ngaio Natural Health Centre, New Zealand.

Delphina has always asked me to write down what I feel in her healing treatments and I always have a hard time saying what I am thinking or feeling after her soulful treatments. Thinking that I once travelled to this place in time in a crystal ship, I am very much at home when she lays her amazing crystals on my body and this allows  me to travel and see amazing places and people without ever leaving the safety of my home town Mossman.

Wayne, Mossman North Qld. 23/05/2010

Aloha! As my journey continues in search of Gouia's pulse, a sister's oceanic dreaming calls me to the magical grounds of the Daintree Rainforest. Inundated by the uniquenes and stunning beauty of pulsating energy I begin to discover the magical creatures that dwell here; Dragonflies, the splendid butterfly, Ulysses, lizards, turtles and birds of all kind.
The song, however , I hear of the highest frequency and beauty is that of the light worker, Delphina.
Her sound , light and healing touch took me on a journey far deeper than I had called for.
Master of ceremony and keeper of ancient crystal knowledge, Delphina creates an experience that resonates on the level of your Soul.
Massages for some, magic for others, experiencing Delphina's touch is to pay tribute to your Self and your visit to this sacred land.


To Delphina,
Where do I start? ..You are the first healer that I have had I instantly felt the effects/transition of blocked energy. Thank you for being patient and continuing to work on the block. The freedom and clarity of being myself when I talk with you is wonderful. It gives me an affirmation that it is OK to be myself and allow my inner goddess to shine. I felt like a beautiful goddess when I looked at myself in the mirror with al; the crystals lined and swirling on my body, you are a wonderful light giving artist who should be treasured. The world would be a better place if there were more people like you and the people of Cape Tribulation. You have enhanced my time here, helped to bring me insight, clarity and peace and I feel very grateful for meeting you and to have the spiritual energetic cleansing session with you. It was a definite highlight of my holiday. Thank you so much. Thank you for the knowledge of the Larimar and the Angelite. Please contact me if you ever come to Sydney. Or I will contact you if I come back this way.



P.S. You have really inspired me to be more creative and truly follow my dreams of being an artist and also more with my crystals and most importantly to trust and love myself.

To Delphina,
Wow!! This was the first Massage I can say it was truly unique. The sounds, the smells, the hot stones...made my body feel as though it had no bones. My body felt like warm undulating liquid.
I waited so long t come and see you.
Tomorrow when I go to work I will be a lot more relaxed and able to cope with the every day stresses . My soul and body, both feel very much at ease and ready for anything. I will definitely  be back to experience your crystal healing services.
Many, many thanks and lots of love, 
Sincerely, Aaron

P.S. Keep up your fantastic work, you could bring a smile to the most hardened soul.
Completely blown away.

You cleared my head, released my back and surprised my feet. It has been a long time since I felt so calm.


Jan, Hamburg

As you sang I could see a hibiscus appear and open, almost answering to you as you called. It was beautiful, magical and amazing.

Thank you very much,


Thank you Delphina, my spiritual journey has take me to many places and I have met many teachers along my path. I believe I was guided here today for the most amazingly relaxing and releasing crystal healing. I was able to let go and feel the flow of pure energy through my body as the crystals and the - manly purple, pink and blue. I feel cleansed and free and enthusiastic to continue my spiritual growth with all my senses fully switched on...

Thanks again, you are very a  special and an inspiration...



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